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Named file streams

24.03.2010 Leave a comment

I found a MSDN article on multiple file streams on NTFS. MAC supports that feature but Linux/Unix don’t. That, plus some kind of private/public key mechanism, might be an interesting way to provide nice system for signing documents. ┬áThe idea would be like that: before user opens a file, a small program is launched. It checks if the file contains named stream with signature. This behaviour might be accomplished using this. Method deprecated. Maybe this or this?

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Craig Larman’s blog

07.03.2010 Leave a comment

Apparently, Criag Larman has a blog. The topics are varied: science, photography, organic food are just few examples. He also writes about programming and mentions a tool used by NASA for Mars probes: Java Path Finder. He claims it is good for finding complex multithreading bugs.

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